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We deliver great success through people.
Our network of skilled HR professionals and leading service providers can really help you and your business to maximise its return on investment in people.
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Who Are We?
We are a bunch of talented fresh thinking HR practitioners with a wealth of expertise in all things people.  Working in partnership with you we can help to deliver your people related needs from putting in place the basics to supporting business transformation. Where ever you are on your journey we can help.  We are in essence a one stop shop for all your people needs!
We are passionate, energetic, and straightforward. As if that wasn’t enough - we love what we do!
What do we do? 
We recognise that every business is at a different place on their journey – we bespoke our solutions in line with their needs.  We are not pretentious – whatever stage you are at – whatever you need -no matter how big or small - we can help.  
What We Do
What We Do
We offer organisations help in developing and implementing practical, results focused solutions that deliver real business benefit through their people.  
We can ensure that you get the right expertise that can deliver on your needs, whether that be on a short term project or a long term outsourcing arrangement.
Here are just a few of the things we can help your organisations with:
Getting the right people and keeping them!
Bits of the process to the whole kit and caboodle! We have experts who can help at each and every stage. From a full blown talent strategy through to individual or high volume recruitment assignments - we can help
Keeping people and performance on the right track
We can help with one off training sessions to all singing all dancing leadership development programmes. Our network includes learning and development professionals with experience of operating at all levels - from bood room to shop floor.
Ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time.
Workforce planning, business restructures (including TUPE), skills matrices, and all things relates are bread and butter to us. Our experts would be very happy to help.
Engaging your people
It is well proven that an engaged employee, who feels an emotional connection with the Company, will perform better. The more employees in your business who perform better - the more chance you have of meeting those commercial objectives. Every organisation will be at a different stage on the engagement journey - and that is why our approvach is bespoke to you. We can help you at every stage; whether that is measurement of where you are at, helping you to identify what you can do to improve the picture, right through to implementing the agreed initiatives if you need us to.
Giving the right people the right skills
We can help with one off training sessions - through to all singing all dancing leadership development programmes. We're also very well placed to help you determine the best way to develop the skills of your people.
Enabling people to focus on what makes a difference
Linking individual objectives to the business objectives - sounds easy doesn't it? If your business (like many others) is finding this a chore - contact us, we're ready to help.
Whether it is financial or non-financial mechanisms you are after - we can help. Getting the right balance and mix of reward mechanisms is often tricky. Af all we all think we are worth more don't we? We can help you make the most of your budgets and ensure that every penny (or effort) you spend in this area counts.
Our network is broad, and has all of the skills and expertise that you're seeking. Whether that be a particular skill-set, a geographic coverage, or a service provided by one of our trusted partners, we're here for you.
When you need our help, you're best to get in touch, and we'll connect you with the right member of our network without delay.  To showcase just some of the quality members of our network, check out some of the highlights featured here....
Highlighted : Trusted Partners
Highlighted : Trusted Expertise
Meet Michelle...
Deal with Stress..
Michelle is a HR Consultant with over 10 years’ experience of working on equality issues in the workplace.

She worked for the Equality and Human Rights Commission for 8 years before going freelance in 2014. There she specialised in writing guidance for employers and delivering training seminars on equal pay and pregnancy and maternity discrimination.

She holds a Masters in Human Rights from The University of Manchester.

Michelle is a regular contributor to numerous business magazines and lives in Manchester, UK.
Claire is a Business Coach with a natural passion for supporting caring, busy, stressed professionals so that they become more engaged and productive.

This is done via highly effective, thoroughly proven and time efficient 90 day programmes. These programmes create much reduced stress levels and lower absenteeism rates, whilst enabling wellbeing, productivity and profit to increase.

Available at very affordable rates so that all those who want to improve and develop can be given the opportunity to do so. Proactively supporting staff in this way saves the savvy business owner time and money.
Join Us
Join Us
Are you an experienced HR practitioner or provider of HR related products and services?  Do you enjoy the flexibility of working for yourself but don’t like the business development aspect of being self employed? Do you yearn to be part of a team?
We may have the answer.... join our network! – Through our extensive network, we connect you with those who need your services and skills the most - and you can get on with doing what you do best – delivering high quality people solutions. 
So who are peoplefresh I hear you cry?   We are a network of talented fresh thinking HR practitioners and service providers with a wealth of expertise in all things people.  We work in partnership with organisations to help them deliver their people related needs from putting in place the basics to supporting business transformation. We are passionate, energetic, and straightforward. As if that wasn’t enough - we love what we do! 
We recognise that every business is at a different place on their journey – we bespoke our solutions in line with their needs.  We are not pretentious – whatever stage they are at – whatever their need - no matter how big or small – we think we can help by matching the right HR consultant to their requirements and of course budget.  We take the leg work out of finding the perfect match.
We are looking to expand our network of associates and partners right now - so that when the need arises – we have the right expertise on tap.  We work across the whole spectrum of the HR and associated remit – from transactional to strategic – one off projects to fully outsourced.    
If you would like to be a part of this ever expanding association and you live in the South East of England we would love to hear from you.  Please contact us to learn how we can connect.
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