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Successfully combatting the effects of workplace stress

Claire, our expert on stress

Thursday, July 23, 2015


There are many detrimental effects of stress that are sometimes just accepted, or taken for granted as a part of life and therefore we feel we should just ‘put up’ with them rather than do something to overcome them.

Stress is a symptom in response to situations that we are fearful of or situations that may be out of our control.

It is something that can trigger all kinds of unhealthy reactions within our bodies and we all know what they are, from increased risk of heart disease, panic attacks, disengagement, negativity, depression, exhaustion, sleep problems, the list goes on and on.

However, since 2003 I have been successfully supporting hundreds of busy people, who are often stressed and who feel hugely overwhelmed with their work load.  They also feel frustrated about their lack of time for themselves, their family and friends.  On the surface they may even look like the ‘lucky ones’, however not having enough time to think, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed all too often, is not a successful way forward in the long run.

Workplace stress is very common and sadly it isn’t always addressed in the best way possible.

Many times I hear that employers will let a key member of staff go rather than help or support them to overcome their challenges.  This is very short-sighted as losing a member of staff naturally creates extra stress and cost for the business.  Stress for those who are still there as well as creating high costs caused by lower staffing levels, potentially taking on ‘bank’ staff and recruiting and re-training a new person.

What if there was a way to support stressed members of staff successfully, easily and affordably?

With a background in nursing and computer programming and an innate desire to help as many people as possible to overcome any stress they may be feeling, in 2009 I developed online support programmes which last for 90 days – this I found to be the optimum time to learn new strategies, put them in place and as a result enable long lasting positive changes to occur.

These programmes are being successfully used in many different places including the NHS.  In each situation the users begin to feel much less stressed very quickly, therefore happier and far more productive as they feel supported, able to do things differently, to look at their situation with fresh eyes and then behave/react differently when awkward or complex situations arise. 

The fact is that there will always be a potential for stress in life however once we learn techniques to be able to balance our levels of stress we no longer feel out of control, or passive in difficult situations.  Instead we can focus, adapt and implement new strategies which inspire and serve us well, enabling us to feel in control.

Here are some of the main benefits of the programmes:

  • Learn how to replace stress with calm and strength
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Reconnect with yourself and the activities you enjoy
  • Discover your strengths and employ them more fully
  • Become more assertive
  • Discover how to be happy
  • Build self-belief and become stronger in difficult situations
  • Make time for the important things in life
  • Become more motivated
  • Live by your values and value yourself more highly
  • Create better balance in your life

Crucially, this programme focuses on the user and shows them how they can regain control as soon as possible.

When we feel supported and receive encouragement, we become more engaged, more focused and better able to perform at an optimum level both at work and at home.

If you have any members of staff who have become stressed, or are absent with stress or who would like to learn new strategies before they succumb to stress then contact Claire via for further details. 

Claire will be pleased to discuss your individual situation and to enable your employees to successfully combat stress.